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Rich Mullins: On 19 September 1997, this world lost Rich Mullins, one of the most incedible musical performers ever, due to a car accident on his way to Witchita, Kansas. Jump to a very brief tribute by me, and a few links dedicated to one of the greatest musical artists ever.


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j.p.'s Philosophy on Music

I think music should reflect one's emotions. Therefore, the music I like speaks to the different emotions I feel. It deals with the truth about this life: the joys, but more importantly, the reality of pain and suffering, even as a Christian. i also like diverse styles of music, which provide a broader view of my world and my life. Thus, on my 5CD changer, I can have everything from rap to alternative to folk to techno to non-Wetsern ethnic, and all of it can reflect what I feel in a week, or even a day.

Chaos: Moby (techno)

Anger: Preachas, Gospel Gangstas (rap)

Fear: Rich Mullins (mellow pop/alternative/folk)

Melancholy/Sadness: Jars of Clay (alternative)

Joy (Peaceful): Rich Mullins (mellow pop/alternative/folk)

Joy (Active): SFC, World Wide Message Tribe

Adventure: Taiko (Japanese) Drums type drums)

Pride/Grandness: Chinese Opera/Folk Music

j.p.'s Top 10 Favorite Albums

(reverse alphabetical order)

HONORABLE MENTION: Bobby McFerrin Simple Pleasures , Third Day Third Day , Unity Klan Eternal Funk , 12th Tribe Livin' In Babylon

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j.p.'s Music Descriptions & Links

Rich Mullins : Rich has been a great influence in my life, as well as reflecting my life in many ways. His songs reflected my background ("i am a good midwestern boy...i've got values that would make the White House jealous" as he says in Hard ), my fears (Hold Me Jesus) and disappointments (The Breaks), but ultimately my faith (Step by Step and most dynamically inspirational, Creed: "i did not make it, no it is making me, it is the very truth of God, not the invention of any man." ). i believe his best album is "A Liturgy, A Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band."

On 19 September 1997, Rich died in a car accident on his way to Witchita, Kansas. In light of other recent celebrity deaths (Mother Theresa, Princess Di), i was very shocked to hear about it, and also the senselessness of that death. i now wonder "Who will sing my songs?" These are selfish thoughts, but like Rich, i need to be honest with them, and admit them.

What I also appreciate about Rich is his willingness to live out his faith. While many successful move away to the suburbs and enjoy their material wealth, Rich lived out his faith In addition to supporting Compassion International for the past nine years, he spent his last years on a Navajo reservation, teaching music to the children there.

Emotions evoked from his music include (but are not limited to) awe and fear. As I previously stated, his best album is "A Liturgy, A Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band," which has dynamic music, of a folk music feel. See my listing on Andy Young for more music in this style (i.e. the instrumental style especially, but also some of the lyrical).

To further see how many lives Rich Mullins touched...

S.F.C: This is the best example of Holy Hip Hop. This style blends scripture, culture and creativity into a great blend. Phase III has some of the most diverse styles in the Holy Hip Hop world.

Preachas (P.I.D.): Substantially, they're not bad but excellent stylistically. L.A. Posse Productions helped on the Album. Emotions evoked include anger, & a desire for action.

G.R.I.T.S. The Grammatical Revival In The Spirit from Tennessee is a down-to-earth hip hop group with an honest heart for God. Don't believe me? Go up & talk with them after a concert! They've played a couple summer concerts at Uptown Baptist Church (in Chicago) (Ask Mike how he likes the Soundtrack...), and performed at a Christian rap concert in November, 1996.

Unity Klan Eternal Funk Christian Hip Hop that challenges and defeats anything by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. The album is diverse in styles.

Andy Young: He's my roommate who came out with a CD in October of 1995. Andy plays the hammer dulcimer, guitar, flute, drums, and more. His style of music is Irish/American Folk Music. Usually, i'm not into this kind of music. But a couple things helped change my attitude:

  1. i know the guy (it helps being a roommate; going to one of his concerts can help get generate that intimacy with a musical artist)
  2. i really listened to the's amazing how one song, "Sister", really spoke to my situation.
Click here for more info.

Charlie Peacock: His acoustic "West Coast Diaries, vol. 2" is excellent! Charlie actually has a variety of styles, from a type of jazzy flavor to pop, but WCD volume 2 is one of the best because it's simple, yet it gets at the heart of reality. Despite his talent and schedule, he's still down-to-earth and Internet/fan friendly! He actually responds to fans! Emotions evoked include sadness and despair, as well as hope.

Steve Taylor : Steve uses a lot of sarcasm, satire, & humor in his songs, yet gets across deep messages. "Squint" is one of the best albums made (deep and diverse).

If you don't like "regular" Christian music, or anything "religious", then check out Steve Taylor's work (if you don't like the style of a particular song, try again). You won't regret it. (If you, then you have a problem that needs serious attention).

Squint Entertainment is Steve Taylor's new multimedia company. (he's directing a movie as well as producing ablbums). The web page, Squinterland, is thee most bizarre web page ever made, and requires a fast modem or direct connection (i.e. like at a university).

For a typical picture on Steve's page, click here to see Gummi Bears attacking a big guy

Other Stever Taylor Links

* Info on the Steve Taylor mailing list
* Another link which may or may not work.
* STEVE TAYLOR GIVES A HISTORY LESSON: About Myrrh, The Music Biz and How to Offend Everybody at Any Given Time
* Vote for Steve Taylor as President in the Year 2000!

Ladysmith Black Mambazo: South African acappella group. They're simply awesome.

Crystal Lewis An amazing vocalist whose style ranges from R & B, pop, rap and even recorded several of her albums in Spanish. Here's one good fan link and, of course, the official Crystal Lewis web site.

Chinese Opera/Folk Music: It's neat.
More specifically, it has a very happy sound to it.

Third Day Conspiracy No. 5 Christian alternative, sounds sort of like Hootie & the Blowfish & Dave Matthews Band. The lyrics seem to come straight from scripture (especially the Psalms)

Jars of Clay Great new (well, not-so-new, nowadays) group...they can be heard on alternative stations all over America. The song "Flood" is a classic.

Dakoda Motor Company: It's got sort of a local band-type of feel that makes it sound real.

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HolyHipHopZone:This is the best resource on the Internet for finding out about Christian rap: news, reviews and more... a site produced by Jon Madison, known in as an expert in the field of holy hip hop.

N-Soul:A major label for Christian dance/house music. It was started by Scott Blackwell, a world-renowned DJ who became a Christian and producer of Christian music.

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The Lighthouse Electronic Magazine: for news and reviews in Christian music. They also have a music artist database.

The Phantom Tollbooth: Some great resources & info on various Christian music, another wonderful creation by Shari Lloyd (see below).

Chicago area Christian concerts : A very thorough guide to Chicago area concerts (which seem relatively rare, especially with rap), designed & maintained by Shari Lloyd. If you have info on Chicago-area artists and concerts, e-mail Shari Lloyd (

Nordic Downloadable Music Site: MPEG Music Archive, free mpeg audio players, online radio, vinyl database, music links, web rings and online T-Shirt gallery.

Squint Entertainment is Steve Taylor's new multimedia company. (he's directing a movie as well as producing ablbums). The web page, Squinterland, is thee most bizarre web page ever made, and requires a fast modem or direct connection (i.e. like at a university).

Metro One : An independent Christian Alternative Music label, featuring artists such as Raspberry Jam, Crystal Lewis, T-Bone, and the Prodigal Sons.

True Tunes, Etc.:Formerly a store and magazine based in Wheaton, IL. 10 years ago they started a music store which specialized in "alternative"/non-mainstream Chirstian music (including an extensive collection of rock and rap albums). Now, they've closed the store and focusing on an on-line venture.

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What's in the CD player this week:

"If my life were made into a movie, here's what would be in the background:"

j.p.: The Soundtrack

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j.p. the soundtrack, vol.1

Depths of the Soul and Height of the Journey

SIDE 1: Depths of the Soul
Hero Steve Taylor Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton Ways of the Wind P.M. Dawn Down in The Lowlands Charlie Peacock Psalm 51 Charlie Peacock Everything Dakoda Motor Company Jesus is for Losers Steve Taylor Hold Me Jesus Rich Mullins Listen Karthi Suddenly Charlie Peacock Jil Sent Me Mortal Fathom
SIDE 2: Height of the Journey
Creed Rich Mullins The Finish Line Steve Taylor The Cross Raspberry Jam King of Kings Ladysmith Black Mambazo Create in Me a Clean Heart [Russian vers.] Sergei & Olga The Garden Andy Young Praisin' You Arrested Development i See You Rich Mullins Step by Step Rich Mullins Jesus Said Lisa Chen

j.p. the soundtrack, vol.2

Floods and Fountains

SIDE 1: FLOODS of the world which want to drown me
Flood Jars of Clay Pressure Point Sounds of Blackness Big Man's Hat Charlie Peacock Somebody to Shove Soul Asylum All That i Need is to be Loved Moby Black Box Raspberry Jam Paint It Black Rolling Stones We Take the Blame Worldwide Message Tribe Violent Playgrounds Preachas The Antagonist G.R.I.T.S.
SIDE 2: FOUNTAINS which flow with Living Water
Criminals T-Bone Burnett Everyday Death Sentence C.M.C.s Abhor Evil 12th Tribe Love Thy Neighbor Ladysmith Black Mambazo Come to Me Bobby McFerrin Color Green Rich Mullins i'm Happy Kronos Quartet Glory Halagroovin' SFC Joy Worldwide Message Tribe Washed Away Arrested Development

j.p. the soundtrack, vol.3

Stuff and And More Stuff

This collection is mainly TV & movie theme songs and instrumental.
The collection includes theme songs for: Robotech, Star Wars, Star Trek, Battle of the Planets, Klingon Theme Song.

j.p. the soundtrack, vol.4

Broken Hearts and Whole Souls

SIDE 1: BROKEN HEARTS a thing to have sometimes
Unbreak My Heart Toni Braxton The Breaks Rich Mullins Never Fold Zandura My Mistake Atlantic Starr The Blame on You GRITS Hard Rich Mullins Alien Third Day i Want to Be a Clone Steve Taylor Slippin in the Darkness 12th Tribe Flood (remix) Jars of Clay Rejoice Unity Klan featuring Tonex
SIDE 2: WHOLE SOULS healed by the only One who can
Studious Schoolboy Chinese Music Ensemble of New York Good Times Preachas Always Atlantic Starr I LO-V-E U Take 6 You Don't Have to Jump No Pews Men of Standard Follow Me ALYUS Peace Worldwide Message Tribe i Now Live Crystal Lewis i Believe i Can Fly R. Kelly Shine Jesus Shine Crystal Lewis

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