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Here are some links to important people and institutions/organizations in my life. I've also added some links to Tools that will help you explore the Internet and develop your web pages. Let me know if you have some links you want to add here!

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Important People

Kelvin Gold , discipleship partner and friend, a pre-senior (4th year of a legitmate five [5] year engineering program) at Northwestern University. legitmate

A good friend of mine, Francis Nuthalapaty, a 4th year student at Northwestern University Medical School. We both lived in the Residential College of Cultural & Community Studies (CCS -- not CCI!) (The CCS page scanned in some art and newsletters i made when i was there! Aren't they cool? )

Jeremy Leib a graduate [i remember when he was a freshman!] from Northwestern University. Currently, he is in Russia surving with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.

Mark de Vera Iniguez, a former(?) student at Northwestern University. His page is still up, but he's busy with his business in the Phillipines. (That's economic business-not personal!)

Northwestern University students in General: Ask them how they feel about NU actually being ranked higher athletically than they are academically. Something is very very wrong! Well, that's how i felt after they lost the '96 Rose Bowl to USC. Now we have other things to make us famous:

  • A visit by the late Princess Diana of Wales
  • 1997 Miss America, Katherine Shindle (she's droppping out of her senior year)
  • Kimberly Williams (actress from "Father of the Bride")
  • Cindy Crawford (i don't respect her much--the whole modeling/"fashion" thing, and dropping out after doing well in 1 quarter)
  • Nicole Sullivan of MAD-TV (i think she actually graduated)
    i know this list looks a little suspicious, but it seems males haven't been accomplishing much after NU)
  • Darnell Autry (who could've done much better than 4th round in the NFL if he graduated first!)
  • Lost '97 Citrus Bowl
Hmmm...pretty women who are mostly drop-outs and football players. Hopefully future NU graduates can accomplish something worthwhile. Hmmm...pretty women who are mostly drop-outs and football players. Hopefully future NU graduates can accomplish something worthwhile.

A friend of mine from waaaaay back in 5th grade. He's changed just a tad since then: Geoff Wessel (a.k.a. Geoff Weasel)

semi-Important Institutions

First Evangelical Free Church This is where the former leaders from Joshua Community Church met (and went for Sunday Worship/spiritual feeding). "First Free" was pastored by Carl Sutter (until recently). First Free ministries include Small Groups, Free Time (social activities for all ages), community service (especially to Trumbull public School, which is 1 street south of the church) and Breakthrough Urban Ministries, which provides employment, housing referrals (and a nightly shelter: The Dwelling Place), food and other services for men in the Edgewater/Uptown/Rogers Park area.

First Free is located at 5249 N. Ashland Avenue (at Ashland and Berwyn). Services for the regular year are at 9 AM and 10:45 AM on Sundays. For summer and Christmas and New Year's, there is one service at 10:00 am Sundays.

Northwestern University Propaganda & Such My NU Tour Guide told me (as we walked through the "Sculpture Garden" that "If you don't have anything nice to say about something, then don't say anything at all." [place 1 minute of silence here]
And anyway---i already said stated the good things with the Northwestern students .
OK, OK...Northwestern did actually make it up to number 9 in a ranking by U.S. News and World Report.

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Internet Tools

Computer and Internet Information & News

ZD Net and its companion site AnchorDesk provide the most complete free information on hardware, software and industry news. You can also get on their mailing list for news updates by subscribing via e-mail: announce-on@lists.zdnet.comYou can leave the subject and body blank. free subscribing via e-mail:

Making your own Home Page

This page contains guidelines and helpful hints on how you can create your own World Wide Web HomePage. You can access the page as whole or by subject below.

Setting up a Web-server account (NU students only)
Writing HTML documents
Icon Libraries
Image Editing and Helper Applications

Internet-based resources

[picture of a missing child][picture of a missing child]

Christian Student Equipper An incredibly well done page with many resources to help you grow.

Gospel Communications Network is a good source for Christians or people interested in learning about Christianity. For example, they have an excellent on-line Bible reference, Bible Gateway, where you can look up a verse via keywords in several translations of the bible.

Radio Bible Class is another good christian Resource. Though over 50 years old, they are have not grown cold in their resources. They have a lot to offer. RBC stuff is free for the asking (funds are generated by unpressured donations and a publishing division, Discovery House, which does sell books and tapes). Our Daily Bread is probably their most famous, and most used publication.

Other Internet Links

Check the TELEVISION and MUSIC pages for several other links on these two topics.

Other j.p.-Created Pages

Andy Young Fan Page: Find out about a dynamic new artist on the Folk Scene field. (And he's my roommate, too!)

Asian Youth Services: More information on an organization helping disadvantaged children in Uptown, Chicago.

An Unearthly View of the Earth A sample of original computer artwork by j.p. (JPG format)

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