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The Sev Files
The Sev Files
: A cartoon spoof of The X-Files.

Christian "Culture"

In general, i'm not very comfortable in having a separate Christian culture, one that operates pretty much like an ethnic group. There's Christian music, Christian TV, Christian telephone directories listing Christian businesses, etc. [True Tunes Magazine had an article describing Christian Soda Pop (which, i think, would reflect "Christian" behavior: very sweet and bubbly, but with low nutrition and causing Truth decay.)]. i don't like dressing up for church. i do not believe that the Christian Coalition reflects much of Jesus' attitude.

Yet, i actually do believe that the Bible is the Word of God and the Key to Life.

Pet peeves about "Christian culture"

The bottom line is: i need to be real--with others, my God and myself. Otherwise, this whole living process becomes a waste.

Until recently, i was a part of Joshua Community Church. What's Joshua Community Church? It was a baby Cell Church, with the goal of presenting Christianity as it was was in the beginning: a "real" lifestyle based on relationships with God and other people, rather than rules and regulations.

Joshua Church ended, but i continue the vision of reaching the youth of Uptown, and developing them into spiritually and emotionally whole leaders of the future.
Ironically, the idea of Small Groups is now trickling into Uptown Baptist life. The Junior High Youth Group now uses small groups, while the Men's Discipleship Sunday School class is considering how this idea would work. Other Small Groups are appearing as well.

For more resources on having a relationship with God through Jesus, check  Music my music page. You'll find something that's close your tatste in music.

Gospel Communications Network is a good source for Christians or people interested in learning about Christianity. For example, they have an excellent on-line Bible reference, Bible Gateway, where you can look up a verse via keywords in several translations of the bible.

Christian Student Equipper An incredibly well done page with many resources to help you grow.

Radio Bible Class is another good christian Resource. Though over 50 years old, they are have not grown cold in their resources. They have a lot to offer. RBC stuff is free for the asking (funds are generated by unpressured donations and a publishing division, Discovery House, which does sell books and tapes). Our Daily Bread is probably their most famous, and most used publication.

First Evangelical Free Church This is where the former leaders from Joshua Community Church met (and went for Sunday Worship/spiritual feeding). "First Free" was pastored by Carl Sutter (until recently). First Free ministries include Small Groups, Free Time (social activities for all ages), community service (especially to Trumbull public School, which is 1 street south of the church) and Breakthrough Urban Ministries, which provides employment, housing referrals (and a nightly shelter: The Dwelling Place), food and other services for men in the Edgewater/Uptown/Rogers Park area.

First Free is located at 5249 N. Ashland Avenue (at Ashland and Berwyn). Services for the regular year are at 9 AM and 10:45 AM on Sundays. For summer and Christmas and New Year's, there is one service at 10:00 am Sundays.

Veggie Tales

Excellent computer animated series (direct-to-video), teaching Christian values. The theme song is catchy (Many adults know and sing the theme song!), the dialogue is smart, and lessons are well taught. They use parodies of pop culture (Batman, Star Trek & Monty Python & the Holy Grail, for instance) and music to get the point across.

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