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Update from April 1-4

Mia had CPR done on her.  They called us on 31 March, asking us to come in, saying she might not make it!!!!!.  Mia has struggled with the treatment (she doesn't like being poked, prodded and touched; that wouldn't have happened in the womb).  So she's  had to essentially be sedated so the medical staff can do their work. In addition, Mia's "PDA" (a different one than Daddy's PDA; a heart valve that's open during pregnancy, but is supposed to be closed after birth so the lungs & kidneys can get blood) isn't closing and doctors have said surgery might be needed.  Being a delicate as she is, that could be a deadly attempt! (They said there would be ups and downs in this process...)


Update from April 6

Update from  June 2005  


As of this writing (June 2), she is now in the Intermediate Care nursery (one of the next stages before she goes home).  She now weighs 3 pounds, 6 ounces!!! (1510 grams, for the rest of the world that is on the metric system). She nursed for the first time today (and did well, another requirement to go home).  She may be home in couple of weeks!  

Prayer points for June 2005

 Praise Points For June 2005

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